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Michael David Kors is an American fashion designer. He is the honorary chairman and chief creative officer of his brand,Michael Kors, which sells men's and women's ready-to-wear, accessories, watches, jewellery, footwear, and fragrance. Kors was the first women's ready-to-wear designer for the French house Celine, from 1997 to 2003.On January 2, 2019, Michael Kors Holdings Limited officially changed its name to Capri Holdings Limited. Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, and Versace are the three founder-led brands under Capri Holdings Limited.

Back on June 2019, ELise Sole wrote a piece for yahoo life by the tittle “Twitter is debating if Michael Kors is 'tacky' or 'luxury'. Here is one of the answers debate:

The whole Michael Kors thing. It is true that around here it’s seen as this truly “luxurious” bag, when in reality and in comparison to other luxury brands, it’s kind of garbage. I’ve literally seen those bags for $30 at Nordstrom Rack. Plus the monogram is kind of trashy.


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Joanne Lintern says

"Awful service!!! Avoid!! Returned a skirt on 31st December, I have proof of return and confirmation of signature on 5th Jan but still no refund! I’ve tried calling, no joy just message saying to email, tried emailing but a auto response after a week saying they will let me know when they receive it back!! Never again!!"

Helen Woodhouse says

"Terrible service, been waiting 18 days now for my goods. Between MK and DPD communication and delivery is simply a joke"

James Moore says

"Your delivery is a shambles. Stop blaming courier companies (DPD/UPS) and Brexit.
The customers contract is with the supplier and the failure to provide a service falls with you and no one else. Sort your company out......"

Ben says

"Michael kors are a absolute disgrace ordered a watch for my partners birthday on 31 December & still hasn’t arrived & to make it worse Michael kors didn’t even give me tracking details it’s a disgrace I will be getting in touch with my bank to get a refund pure scumbags"

Denise Mace says

"Terrible customer service!
Bag returned as it was meant to be a lap top bag and was far smaller then described!
Was back with you on the 03/01/2021 according to the tracker, still awaiting refund! One generic email from you is not good enough,
I had intended to use the money tobuy a general handbag, but if this is how you treat your customers then I’ll spend elsewhere,
You were quick enough to take my money, now I want it back, you have the bag!
I really wish we could give no stars!"

Nish says

"I ordered 2 handbags on 31 Dec 2020 and as on 17/01/21 it's still in transit. I tried writing email ..got generic reply. Totally frustrating experience. Didn't expected from a brand to behave like this..worst decision ever to buy from this brand.never again.."

Mandy Johnston says

"I returned an item 17 days ago and I’m still waiting for my refund to be processed. I have sent numerous messages and none have been replied to. Your returns policy says refunds will be processed in 2/3 days!"

Shareen Bellikli says

"I have used Michael Kors many times in the past without any issues.

I recently returned orders using their prepaid labels, all correctly packaged. Three weeks on I am still awaiting a refund. Despite contacting their customer services through email almost 10 days ago now I still haven’t received a response.

Furthermore I made two more purchases which shipped on the 7/01/21 and these orders are nowhere to be seen. Whether I receive them remains to be seen.

Judging by their website which continues to be updated, they are experiencing issues with both deliveries and returns due to COVID and Brexit which applies to the UK. It looks like their returns go back to Europe so even if your return like mine provided you with a returns address in the UK, and having tracked them all it suggested they were delivered on the 4th of January, sadly this means nothing. Since all their returns are then forwarded onto their warehouse in Europe. Judging by the fact that my orders are not here despite purchasing these on the 6/01/21 I can only presume my returned orders are somewhere on route or stuck in transit. I accept the ongoing issues, however the fact that there is no customer service and support is just unacceptable.

Michael kors are a reputable brand. The quality of their products I cannot fault, however I just wish their customer service was where it should be.

Unfortunately it just seems that this is an ongoing issue which I hope gets resolved soon."

sarah caines says

"I have ordered from Michael Kors several times before and I have never had any issues. I placed an order on 5/1/21. I have emailed them over 20 times on their website due to the fact there isn’t any customer service telephone lines available to call and ask for help.

I have only received generic emails about apparent issues they are having due to Brexit, DPD and getting orders through customs, none of these issues was mentioned at the time I placed my order. I’m so angry.

I am also fuming with anger to read so many other customers comments on Twitter are in the same position as me.

MK have simply accepted my order, taken the payment out of my bank but I still have yet to receive my item. Apparently it’s stuck in customs (has been since 11/01) when you track it via their website, but on DPDs website it states they have received my order details but not my item. What?!

I understand fully the disruption covid is causing, but thats NO excuse for NO customer service whatsoever and given the fact that they are still taking money via their website with no mention of any delays at all, it’s a disgrace.

I will never shop in MK again and this is all down to the customer service which HAS NOT been given.

I seriously advise you to not buy direct from Michael Kors."

Mitzi says

"I have ordered from Michael Kors many times before and I have never had any issues. I placed two orders on 2/1/21 for two handbags. I have tried to contact them many times on their website due to the fact there isn’t any customer service telephone lines available to call and ask for help.
I have only received generic emails replying about issues MK is having with Brexit, DPD and deliveries problems & sending orders through customs, unfortunately none of these issues was mentioned at the time I placed my orders.

However, I have just received one of my orders yesterday 15/1/21 the handbag arrived without a dust cover protector, this is a gift so I need this resolved ASAP.
I have emailed MK to ask if they would be kind enough to send one out to me, but judging by the reviews it doesn’t look like I will get a reply.
I also asked the question via web email if I am able to return the handbags back to the Sheffield Meadowhall store when the stores reopen for a full refund if they are unable to send a dust protector.
I know this will be 130 miles round trip for me but judging by the reviews on MK website this will be the best possible outcome for the refunds to be processed.
Hence! Why I would like clarity on whether I can return them back to store when they reopen as this maybe outside of the 30 days. We are still awaiting government confirmation when non essential shops will reopen again.
I’ve been Very alarmed to read other people reviews that no refunds have been given when customers have returned their items back to MK and unable to contact or speak anyone, Its not exactly inspired any confidence in me to send them back through post.
Im not talking about spending a few pounds with MK then waiting for refunds to be processed your talking hundreds of pounds. MK taken the payment for the handbags but I still have yet to receive one more delivery from them. I placed my second order on exactly the same day but as yet I have only received one. ( the order tracking status hasn’t changed from 11/1/2021) why?....
All I would like is someone from MK to reply to my email. I must admit this experience totally put me off ordering from MK in the future this is not just down to delivery times frames, most of all it’s down to the poor customer service which hasn’t been given.

I understand fully the disruption covid caused, staff being furloughed and working from home to deal with customer issues, but thats no excuse for NO customer service & given the fact they are still operating their on line orders and taking payments from their customers
(Without their customers MK wouldn’t survive)
I imagine this pandemic will cause lots of retailers to struggle so Mk just advice if you to still want to keep your customer, help when we need it!

I know first hand how dreadful covid is I work for the NHS on the covid wards.

Hopefully, I will receive a reply to my email, MK will send me a dust cover protector and answer my question regarding returning the handbags back to store when they reopen. I really don’t feel confident to send them back through the post and not receive any refunds and especially not being able to contact anyone from MK.

Hopefully my second order will arrive soon ( fingers crossed)"


"I ordered birthday present 3 January for the end of the month thinking plenty of time. After countless emails , phone calls and wrong parcel tracking so unable to trace correctly. DPD say MK and MK blame DPD .
Well got an email for delivery except wrong house number and DPD cannot do anything .
I have ordered many times so address is all correct in my MK account but they put wrong address . I am so angry and upset as one of the 3 parcels expecting was a gift ."

matthew rawson says

"Sent a returns back on the 31st December , we are now 16th Jan no refund or reply back from so called customer service.Will think twice about ordering anything from Micheal Kors again."

JG says

"Extremely disappointed with Michael Kors I returned a pair of shoes on 29th December and received know confirmation or money back.

I’ve also emailed few times and still no response, beware of purchasing through this company"

Zuzana Zuz says

"I returned the wallet. Based on European union guideline the 97/7, the companies are obligated to refund the money also for shipping cost. This company cheats the people. I wrote them to refund the shipping cost after that, they refunded also shipping cost. They break the law !"

Sinéad Silverwood says

"I ordered a bag 12 days ago for a birthday present. Still haven’t received it. They’ve blamed DPD. Due to brexit. I ordered a Hoover from John Lewis. It came through DPD No problem. Ive asked for confirmation from Michael kors that the fault lies with DPD. But heard nothing. Not a happy customer."

Hanan Eltaher says

"My order hasn’t arrive yet
I ordered a handbag on 2nd January and I didn’t hear from them. I tried to contact them but no answer.
They emailed me that DOD has problem with tracking order. DPD says that the didn’t receive parcel at all.
My order still hasn't come. never order online from Michael Kors Again.
Very bad experience
No customer service to chat with
How can I contact them"

Caroline Bray says

"Seems to be a continuing theme ..place an order, pay for order, get confirmation, wait wait wait ! Same emails as others basically not telling us anything other than DPD have issues because of Brexit! I run a business which buys from Europe and the Far East..I’ve not had issues with couriers. Quite sad really would think using a premium brand I’d expect better service. Won’t order from them again, oh btw ordered 1/1/21 still no items."

Anna S says

"Very dissapointed!
Ordered mini backpack, the shipment took only 3 days which is fine, but the way they have made a package box is so CHEAP! The backpack was not wraped in white tissue MK logo paper, no special plastic bag, the gold-tone MK logo details neighter were covered with protective paper - looks very POOR."

Daniel Cole says

"Package arrived today from a 2 Jan order. Read my previous posts ref the DPD fiasco.

Goods are really really nice and my wife is over the moon. Just too bad they arrived 8 days after her birthday. The 3 star rating is because of the delivery fiasco only. But since MK use DPD then they have to accept the responsibility. If the goods had arrived on the 8 Jan as advertised when I paid for them then it would have been 5 stars for certain."

Daniel Cole says

"For everyone who is saying the address number is wrong and cannot be changed. My address like others had an additional '1' added which couldn't be changed by Customer Sercives. However, as soon as DPD send you your final delivery email you can change the delivery address on the DPD app."

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